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Having a Best Friend is Better than Life Insurance in Bongbong Marcos’s Case


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong as Isabel’s second father.

Who is Gabriel Daza?

Gabriel Daza is the father of Isabel and the late husband of Gloria Diaz. His father, Don Gabriel was the first Filipino electrical engineer. He’s one of the founders of PLDT and Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Just prior to the wedding of his daughter, Isabel, he died of a heart attack. So, his best friend, Bongbong Marcos did his duty at her wedding. This was the greatest insurance he ever gave to his family.

All People are Equal

Daniel and Bongbong met at a comfort room. The hit if off right away. Isabel’s father never treated the presidential aspirant as the son of the president at that time. He pulls his leg like any other best friends common people do.

Friends Beyond Politics

There’s no perfect life insurance that can totally take care of one’s loved ones at the time of the family head’s death. But having a best friend like Bongbong Marcos is an assurance that his daughter will not walk down the aisle alone. Their friendship really goes beyond politics or even life itself.

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