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Health care transformation using data by Castlight

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Technology really plays a great part in our daily lives nowadays. Health care for one is already going through a transformation using data to make services efficient. Timely medications, doctors’ assessment and many other services can now be accurate and timely.

Hearing from the one very much involved in this transformation is invaluable to those who listen. Here you will know what to expect and what’s possible. Gone are the days that the waiting game is but normal in the health care arena. Take this opportunity to be updated in this very important area of our existence in today’s world.

Venture Beat featured: Jonathan Rende, the new chief research officer for Castlight Health talks about health care transformation using data. Rende oversees his company’s new products and brings perspective from a long career in enterprise IT. In this podcast, VentureBeat reporter Mark Sullivan and I talk with him about how Castlight’s data-gathering and analytics tools are helping its clients (companies) offer their employees more insight into the health care options available to them. That, in turn, can help bring more transparency to the market for health care — a market that has been pretty much the opposite of transparent for decades.


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