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Heatwave in Australia is Getting More Intense

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Detailed temperature graph for Melbourne durin...
Detailed temperature graph for Melbourne during the peak of the heatwave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Northern New South Wales and and Western Queensland are now having an increasingly intensifying heatwave surpassing the 50 C mark. Residents are staying indoors to escape the heat but bush fires are threatening communities in Queensland. Read this news in full:

Heatwave: temperatures climb towards 50C in parts of Australia


Temperatures in parts of Australia are set to reach almost 50C in the coming days, with total fire bans in place in northern regions of South Australia and a week-long heatwave enveloping Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast the temperature to hit 49C in the South Australian town of Moomba on Thursday, while Oodnadatta, which reached 47.7C on Wednesday, will warm to 48C.

Heatwaves are normal occurrence in Australia during summer – but perhaps due to climate change, this weather condition is becoming more extreme. Fatalities  are reported not just from bush fires but also from weather extremities. Global warming preparedness must be improved to avoid increasing number of deaths as per this article from The Global Mail.

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