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Hell in the overcrowded jail not the concern of the Philippine President

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Quezon City local jail has s floor area of 30,000 square feet where over 4,000 inmates and increasing live space to space in this very overcrowded penitentiary. No helpful activities can be conducted aside from the early morning roll call. Most prisoners are not even tried in court.

Overcrowding does not need to be predicted. It is just common sense telling President Rodrigo Duterte that his war on drugs would even add up to the pile of living human bodies inside those prison cells – but to no avail. The president is just determined to kill those illegal drug offenders within 3 to 6 months. Perhaps he’s thinking based on his mentality that prisoners should live in hell as they are criminals.

Conditions inside are at its poorest amidst the country’s humidity. There’s no way that the prisoners can have the chance to be rehabilitated as hatred engulfed them in the condition that they are in. Depressed prisoners would rather die that spend another day in that astounding facility. The population there was already 3,600 inmates and seven weeks on Duterte’s buy-bust operation, it has risen tremendously to 4,053.


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