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Hemorrhoids Treatments without Prescription

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hemorrhoids’ description are enlarged veins and swollen tissue of the rectum. It can be inside or outside the exit point or anus. No prescription creams and suppositories are readily available for its treatment at home. Antiseptics and hydrocortisone can also reduce swelling and are effective in relieving discomforts. Brands that have antiseptics and hydrocortisone in one are Preparation H® and Tucks®.

Avoid hemorrhoid creams that contain anesthetics such as benzocaine. These may temporarily relieve pain but can cause allergic reactions. Over-the-counter laxatives can be used to soften bowel movements and prevent the straining that can cause hemorrhoids. Click here to see the direct source:

According to Types of stool softeners include docusate-containing items such as Perrigo® or bulk-forming laxatives like Citrucel® or FiberCon®. Hemorrhoids commonly occur during pregnancy from the pressure of the growing baby. During pregnancy, use sitz baths, creams, pads and stool softeners for relief. Do not use suppositories because the medications in them may affect the baby.


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