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High Regard to PRRD is Intact since Marcos Hero’s Burial Despite the Bong-Sara Liability


By: Elena Grace Flores

CNN Philippines

[VIDEO]: The BBM-Sara tandem in 2022 is official. But President Rodrigo Duterte pushes for a Bong Go-Sara team up.

High Regard to PRRD Despite Endorsement Liability

The liability of the president’s Bong-Sara endorsement is yet to be felt. But one thing is certain for Bongbong Marcos’s spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez. The followers of the presidential aspirant are already defined. It may be more or less but can never be substantial. Meanwhile, Rodriguez assures the public that all disqualification petitions will be answered despite their nuisance nature.

The Loyalists Remember

President Duterte gains respect from the loyalists for doing the right thing during the late President Ferdinand Marcos hero’s burial. It clearly has the hand of the Filipino leader. Something that cannot be made possible if not because of his influence. Besides, the Bong-Sara liability cannot surpass the power of the Bongbong-Sara tandem made in heaven.

The Unity of BBM-Sara

Despite such liability, the unity of BBM and Sara continues. Bongbong Marcos knows how Inday Sara commits. She might suffer personally. But the mayor always has the majority in mind. So, nation-building is on its way. As they both lead the country to progress.

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