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Hillary Clinton is 69 Years Old – Health attacks are just normal for aging people

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The 69 year old busy presidentiable Hillary Clinton has been traversing the country, making brilliant speeches, raising lots of money and very vocal in her criticisms against Republican Donald Trump – and she did really well in launching her general election campaign.

How could anyone think that she is sick if not just scrutinizing for some loop holes that will discredit her into the presidency? Don’t they know that Clinton’s tripping on a stair, laughing her heart out, hesitating in the middle of a sentence in a speech are just mere signs that she is a human being that can get tired or be happy with something and dree enough to express it.

Why is it not enough when Hillary’s personal physician last year released a statement calling the former secretary of state in “excellent health and fit to serve as president of the United States?” Is this photo not a normal gesture offered to an older person? What is happening to the society?

Dr. Ben Carson, a former GOP presidential candidate himself, wouldn’t even declare Clinton’s behavior proof of any specific ailment but did note that “as a person gets older, the number of medical conditions that we have to watch for increases,” and that is a simple fact, believe it or not!.one


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