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Holy Week Trivia: Bongbong Marcos’ Reality vs. False Info

Holy Week
By: Elena Grace Flores

It is quite sad that some media has to resort to fake post just riding on the popularity of the Marcoses these days. A false info on facebook implies that the Supreme Court and the Presidential Electoral Tribunal have come to a decision. This comes in a form of a fact check which is obviously wrong because the PET has not released any verdict yet on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. The real thing is the recent anniversary of the Marcos couple and their son, Simon’s sentimental journey during the holy week.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #57: My tip for the Holy Week | Bongbong Marcos

No Announcement from the SC Yet

Only the SC has the authority to declare when the electoral protest ends and what the official results are. So far, the Supreme Court, as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, did not issue the official results of Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo yet. Any news wether Marcos wins or loses can only be misleading as of this time of writing.

Simon’s Spiritual Journey

Simon gets to revisit the hometown of his late grandfather, former President Ferdinand Marcos. He sets his foot again at the museum where the great leader grew up. Bongbong Marcos’ sons also lived their for a while. This is why this trip of the middle child of the former Senator is a very sentimental one.

Local Endorsement

Marcos endorses their candidate as the representative for the first district of Ilocos Norte, Ryan Remigio. It is also not a surprise that after Sandro’s local political entry, Simon follows suit. He has the right mindset, principles, and exposure to be an ideal Philippine politician who would see to it that the interest of the country comes first.

Holy Week Culture

Marcos and son, Simon also revisit some of the places in Ilocos Norte which are dear to their family. He urges everyone to try their Bisita Iglesia tour. This is definitely more real and timely than the out of tune rumors.

Reality Kicks in with a Kiss

Bongbong and Lisa Araneta Marcos renew their vows recently in Florence, Italy. This is in the same medieval church where they got married in 25 years ago. A handful of friends and relatives who were with them during the original wedding were there. When detractors paint the likely Vice President of the Philippines with defeat, in reality, he is an ultimate winner. Not just in politics but also in family, and love.

2 thoughts on “Holy Week Trivia: Bongbong Marcos’ Reality vs. False Info

  1. The best example of a good Filipino family and political leaders! they are blessed to serve the Philippines and its people! thank You Lord for giving us such a family! God bless the Marcos forever amen!!!

  2. whatever the results of his protest,BBM is the true winner.In our hearts he is the Vice President of the Philippines

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