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Homeowners Association Operation is Not Easy

By: Elena Grace Flores

Westover Hills Homeowners Association, Oct 21,...
Westover Hills Homeowners Association, Oct 21, 2009 (Photo credit: aaronx)

There are many things in life that we often take for granted. If you are living in a well-organized community, consider yourself lucky! The people behind a homeowners association who made such efforts must be recognized – because for sure they have gone through various difficulties and sacrifices to create that kind of environment.

Different Personalities
More heads are better than one they say – but when too many personality clashes are happening, nothing can be done. All homeowners would like their village improved and maintained properly – but how many are willing to devote their time and some hard-earned money to make necessary projects a reality?

Cannot Please Everyone
There would always be people who will excel in their field – and it’s the same in community service. The only problem is, no matter how good they are – they can never please everybody. Criticisms, gossips and other negativity can ruin a determined volunteer if not supported by the majority.

Legalities and Politics
Paper works for registrations and taxation are pains in the neck. Never start making everything legal when you think, you cannot continue it in a long run. However, if all the rules and regulations of your local government is followed. It will work to your advantage. You just have to gather support if you ever think of organizing an association. It is important to be able to get the approval of the majority of the board of directors.

Lack of Resources
Money is power when running a homeowners association – but this doesn’t mean that you cannot implement one if you do not have the money. In lieu to cold cash, you should have the charm to seek for funding. There’s nothing a group can’t do when strongly united.

Yes, operating a homeowners association is never easy – but it’s very fulfilling! This is the best way of giving back to society for the great things that you have achieved. This will also ensure the younger generations that they will still experience¬† the goodness of their forefathers’ efforts – and it’s your legacy that will make them continue what you’ve started.

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