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Homeowners Monthly Dues in Lieu of Services


By: Elena Grace Flores

Westover Hills Homeowners Association, Sep 12,...
Westover Hills Homeowners Association, Sep 12, 2008 (Photo credit: aaronx)

In our homeowners’ association, it was a big thing discussing about the taxes imposed by the government on the homeowners monthly dues and other contributions mandatory or not. However, we have yet to receive services from the government. Nevertheless, as we studied the legalities of the taxes involved from this link, we find it necessary to do something to show our homeowners that their money are indeed used for the village’s development, maintenance and beautification projects:

Homeowner’s association dues now subject to income tax and VAT (RMC No. 9-2013)

By: Cherry Castillo 

I would like to thank my friend, Atty. Dakila Napao, for the heads up on the release of RMC 9-2013.

Before anyone goes ballistic again, let me have a short discussion on the rationale for the imposition of taxes in general, and taxes on association dues in particular.

After imposing the collections of the agreed dues, contributions, security and utility fees, another resistance is starting to emerge. This is regarding the spending for the services needed. Since cleanliness is a must for the village and the working committee has yet to impose their policies, a street sweeper would be a big help. It looks like the minimal fee for the sweeper is questioned – good thing, political will is in sight for the majority of the members. I certainly hope so!

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