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Hontiveros Shows What She Could Have Done Over the South China Sea-Vaccine Issues

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

Hontiveros’ fear is valid if she is in Galvez’s position.

Is Hontiveros Afraid of Losing South China Sea?

Senator Riza Hontiveros’ fear that the country could lose the South China Sea claim if the Duterte administration would exchange that with a favorable deal on the Sinova vaccines from China. Perhaps. she fears that vaccine czar Carlito Galvez would do the same thing as the late Ninoy Aquino over Sabah.

Vaccine Czar’s Assurance

While assuring that the Philippines will not compromise its claim in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) or the South China Sea in securing Covid-19 vaccines from China, Galvez said that “differences should be set aside” in fighting the global pandemic. This irks Hontiveros and clarifies her question. She gets a firm no compromise answer from Galvez.

President Duterte’s Stand

Like the late President Ferdinand Marcos, President Rodrigo Duterte vows not to let go of any territory. Regardless of how intense the disputes are. The West Philippine Sea is the official designation by the Philippine government of eastern parts of the South China Sea. They are included in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. However, some members of the Liberal Party are afraid that the current government would do the same as their very own Ninoy Aquino. It was him who revealed Marcos’ secret plan to send guerrillas to Sabah. His son, former President Noy also ordered the clan of the Sabah heirs to abandon it. He allowed the Malaysians to massacre them in Lahad Datu.

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