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Hot Senators: Imee Marcos’ Biliran Connection

By: Elena Grace Flores

There might not be any formal declaration of their alliance but the likely senators nowadays are very hot. Not just among overseas Filipino workers but also locally. They are Gov. Imee Marcos and former Biliran Congressman, Atty. Glenn Chong. Recently, the governor made time to visit Chong’s territory. She was warmly welcomed there and was “game” during the interview as she multi-task under severe tiredness. She pulls it out gracefully in the end with her plans to help Biliran’s agricultural system.

YouTube video by BiliranIsland

[VIDEO]: Interview with Senatorial Candidate Imee Romualdez Marcos

Multi-tasking Senator to Be

At the beginning of the interview, Gov. Marcos is still on her mobile device catching up on things. She then expresses her gratitude to the mayor and governor of Biliran. They are surely one with Atty. Glenn Chong’s intention to make their province more progressive with the help of Marcos.

Working Together for the Public’s Welfare

Atty. Chong who is a notable clean election enthusiast is ready to give up his life to uncover the massive election cheating. This benefits Gov. Marcos’ brother, Bongbong Marcos. The younger Marcos’ electoral protest claims against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo coincide with Chong’s technical analysis as an IT expert. Now, the governor seems to pay it forward by helping in the development of Biliran.

Crucial Alliance

Both Marcos and Chong are avid supporters of President Rodrigo Du30. The trio withstand various black media propaganda that the opposition launches against them. The people are driven towards them more after their ordeal from unfair accusations or negative rumors.

Dynamic Duo as Effective Senators

Gov. Imee is known for her successful economic blueprint in Ilocos Norte. She did not become the best governor of the country for nothing. Whereas, Atty Chong is a fierce fighter for the people’s voice to be heard. Both are champions in public service in their own rights.

Under One Goal

Some alliances are circumstancial. They may be planned or not. In the case of Chong and Marcos, it’s coincidental. Their principles and political platforms are for the good of the country and its citizens. They definitely have the sympathy of the Filipino majority under one goal of making Philippines great again.

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