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House to House Christmas Carol for Fundraising

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I was not too excited when one of the member’s of the homeowners association suggested for the group to go and conduct a house to house Christmas carol to raise funds for our Security Guard Facility project. However, when we started practicing, that’s when I realized that this is actually a good activity to bond with the fellow members and raise funds at the same time. Just like what many united people are doing. Read this:

Christie/Cummings Sponsors “A Christmas Carol” to Support My Friend’s House

By: Jason Murphy

Christie/Cummings is pleased to sponsor of A Collingwood Christmas Carol, a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic to raise funds for My Friend’s House, Collingwood’s shelter for victims of domestic violence.  Special guest performers from across the region will gather at Trinity United Church on December 14, 2013 to perform the reading, which will also mark the 160th anniversary of Dickens’ first public reading of the Carol

Whether we can collect more or less doesn’t matter. What is important is for the neighbors to work together towards a common goal. This is  the true Christmas spirit – to be united and help each other not just in times of need but also when planning for future developments to make our community a better place to be. Just in case you receive a Caroling letter, give a piece of your heart and many blessings will come to you!

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