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How much Investment could Maria Ressa Take to Destroy Bongbong Marcos?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Rappler

Brittany Kaiser: Bongbong Marcos’ requested for ‘family rebranding’

Massive Investment to Destroy Bongbong Marcos

Brittany Kaiser is a data rights activist and founder of the Own Your Data Foundation for digital literacy and the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) for legislative lobbying. She is not cheap. Bitcoin billionaire, Brock Pierce hired her when he ran for President. He knows he won’t win but America is in trouble, he said. Then, Pierce walked away from the race. Kaiser tells Maria Ressa that her former company, Cambridge Analytica received a request straight from Bongbong Marcos. This allegedly was to-do a family rebranding. It was brought in through internal staff and was debated. She thinks that it was dangerous. But perhaps an easy investment if they are on the same side.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is basic for presidential candidates. Just like what Pierce did. Besides company’s normally have privacy policies and confidentiality agreement. Employees and former staff should not divulge any trade secrets if it’s really true. Not unless they are paid more than the troubles they can get into for breach of contract or libel. There must be a very powerful international syndicate behind them.

Libel Suit

Sure enough, Bongbong Marcos files a libel suit against news website Rappler. Marcos said that Rappler was “peddling lies and fake news.” The statement of lawyer Vic Rodriguez confirms this. This is a vain attempt to dilute the serious credibility issue. The online news media’s worthiness is gone. Instead of changing their ways and adhering to the fundamental tenets of fair journalism, they resort to fake news, Rodriguez added. How much investment could Rappler take?

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