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How Texting Affects the Body


By: Gene Carla Chua


TextingOther than calling, texting is the way most us use to communicate within long distances. Most, if not all teenagers these days send text messages every single day. Recent studies show that texting may be causing pain in the neck and shoulders. This injury commonly affects office workers who work long hours typing with the computer. The way the body is positioned while texting is a lot similar to a person’s posture while typing: unmoving shoulders, and fast moving fingers. Adults who have spent years in front of a computer are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis. These injuries/diseases may be caused by their long hours of typing. Doctors and researchers are worried that the younger generation may be prone to the same diseases/injuries or even worse.

Other research in the UK shows that a certain part of the brain called ratio communis stops working or slows down when we are texting. The American College of Emergency Physicians has gone as far as issuing a warning not to text while doing another activity. They tell us to just simply stop texting, because who would want the ratio communis or any part of their brain stop working right? We all agree that we should not text and drive, because they say that it is just bad, if not worse than drunk driving, but how can this stop a part of the brain from working? Well, researchers have not found an answer to that yet, but they say that it is unlikely, since they cannot find anything that can logically explain why this phenomenon is happening. Though answers are not coming, scientists are still conducting brain scans to find the cause of ratio communis manifestations from blinking to darkened vision.

Most teachers can agree that texting is a really big distraction to students, but according to a new study, it is a brain altering habit. Researchers say that it teaches children to be “speedy, but sloppy”. They blame this to what we call auto- correct. Auto- correct helps you construct your words faster. The phone figures out what you are typing with just a few keystrokes. Scientists say that this may be causing a child’s brain to be more and more careless. Young people who are heavy cellphone users are more inaccurate in tasks involving memorization or memory tests, they have found to have less attention span and as what was said earlier, it makes them careless.

Texting has been a big part of our everyday lives. We use it for communicating, and connecting especially to those who are far away. It helps us relay whatever we want to say to anyone, anywhere they may be. Texting is affordable, easy, and convenient, but who knew that it could be a cause to a lot of problems. Most of us think that texting is a way to socialize and connect, but why can’t we socialize and connect with the people who are around us physically. Texting allows us to be present physically, but lost in spirit. We should learn to start connecting again – the old fashioned way.

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