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How to Blog for Somebody Effectively

By: Elena Grace Flores
Writers love blogging because this is an opportunity to show own personality, opinions and passion – but what if you have to blog for your boss? Blogging for your boss is not easy but it can be done with lots of practice. Becoming an expert regarding the subject can also make you confident. However, do not lose yourself if you need to imitate somebody’s style to write his or her blog. Read this article:

How Imitation can Kill the Innovation Inside you

By: Carey Nieuwhof

If you’re like me, you like to track with people who are ahead of you in age and stage, and probably ahead of you in their level of ‘success’.

Chance are you do this in real life (I hope you have mentors) but you also do this online.

Thanks to social media, smart phones, tablets and access to anything anywhere all the time, almost everyone tracks with some ‘celebrity’ type leader.

Please hear me. This is a great way of learning and growing.  I do it too.

Having a personal discussion regarding the subject and picking the boss’s brain about the specifics of the topic can help a lot in writing the details of the blog. Very personal facts can be hard to obtain but when properly done, the blog can be very popular due to its original and controversial nature. Pretty exciting in the end!

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