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Human Papillomavirus or HPV Infection (HPV4)

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
HPV4 also known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV Infection is a known sexually transmitted disease that causes women’s cervical cancer. The skin along the genital area can be infected with this condition. Other than the rare occurrence of genital warts, some patients do not show any symptoms until the disease developed into a more chronic type or worst, cancer in the cervix of women. Irritability and discomfort in the sex organ are observed by those who contracted the disease. Babies however can be infected by their mothers after labor that can damage the child’s airways and lungs.

As a sexually transmitted disease it is obviously contracted while having sex. Although there are more than a hundred kinds of human papillomaviruses, only forty can be transferred from one human being to another. HPV Vaccine must not be missed by people who are prone to the disease. Lifestyle dictates the vulnerability of a person.

Symptoms can be cleared out in time just by treating the symptoms – probably within two years from contracting the condition. However, if cell changes have been diagnosed, Cryotherapy, Conization or Electrosurgical Excision Procedure may be undertaken based on the specialist’s recommendation to get rid of abnormal cells that might be cancerous by nature!

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2 thoughts on “Human Papillomavirus or HPV Infection (HPV4)

  1. The picture in your HPV article is that of a common pimple and not an actual Genital Wart. Just FYI 😉

    1. Thanks – would appreciate if you point me to the right picture.

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