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Humility is the VP’s Greatest Asset as she Answered the President on How she wanted to be Addressed


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The President asked the VP: How do I address you?

The VP’s Asset

Humility is Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio’s greatest asset. She’s the education secretary aside from having the second highest position in the land. In one of their cabinet meetings, President Bongbong Marcos asked her how she wants to be addressed.

Humor and Honor

The alliance of the VP and the President goes a long way. They both ranked the highest two in presidential surveys. But VP Sara convinced PBBM to run as president. Despite the alleged desire of her father. However, to those who knew their plot from the beginning, it’s always the former president who gave way to another Marcos for the presidency regardless of the drama. Another asset of the VP is having her own mind.

Inday Sara, it is

The VP humbly answered that she wants to be called as Inday Sara. This endearing title is common to all Filipinos. Not VP or Secretary. She’s a lovable public servant who works hard for the welfare of Filipinos. It won’t be a surprise if she would become the next President of the Philippines.

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