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What to do if Husband Developed a Pattern of Not Coming Home?

By: Elena Grace Flores
It is devastating for a young wife to experience husband’s disappearing acts that seems to be developing into a regular pattern. Not coming home just becomes so natural for him – and when home, he just play with his gadget or sleep. This is despite serious talks and giving all his demands to be comfortable and entertained at home. Understanding his old character also did not help especially when he promised to come home early and ended up not coming home for a week or two.

First thing that comes to mind is to hire a detective – but what can a detective do when he can’t even get into the highly secured work establishment of the person involved. Since work is the constant alibi, this will be just a waste of money. Another idea is to not give him allowance or cut off his smartphone subscription that often registers questionable transactions. This might make him angry but it has happened before that he did not mind calling after not coming home for a month or so, just because he did not have a mobile phone!

This behavior has not only brought psychological and emotional breakdowns to the wife – it has now giving her a progressive physical disability. It would be easier to just separate and file an annulment for abandonment – but when he finally comes home, it’s like nothing happened until the pattern revolves again! How can we help a loved one affected by this when keeping quite and tolerating the issue has now becoming very painful?

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