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Ian Altman of Grow My Revenue – is coaching how to make billions

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ian Altman is the author of Amazon’s two best selling books on making money. He maneuvered their $100 million to become an over $1 billion company in just a matter of over three years. He was not thinking of how they can benefit from customers at all while doing this. Instead, he was creating strategies from the side of the customer. He knows that hard selling will not work – but if you are a trusted person and giving free advices, then people will listen to you. You might not make sales instantly, nut once you get the loyalty of your customers, they are there to patronize you for a long time.

Ian talks about Van Mensah from Nordstrom, a legendary salesman who’s been selling him suits for years. When Ian was preparing for a trip out of town and needed gloves, there weren’t any in the store that were quite right. Rather than shrugging his shoulders and wishing Ian luck (like a lot of less successful salesmen would do), Van walked him to the other side of the mall — to Macy’s, the competitor — and told the salesman there exactly what brand and size was required. He tried them on, and they were perfect. Sold! Listen to the podcast here courtesy of The Art of Charm:

The Art of Charm added: Ian points out that such a perfect outcome isn’t inevitable in every circumstance; sometimes the client will opt to go with your competitor if your product or service isn’t the right fit for their needs. But the trust earned from showing how you’re willing to go the extra mile to benefit your client proves that you’re a problem solver above self-interest. They won’t forget this, and they’ll go out of their way to seek your help the next time they’re in a pickle.


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