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If Cursing can be Banned in Schools, Should Robredo’s Brainwashing Students be Stopped Also?


By: Elena Grace Flores

To curse in public places where students are is now prohibited in Baguio. This is under an ordinance of the city government.  City Councilor Lilia Fariñas is the author. It bans cursing in schools, computer shops, arcades, and other business establishments that young people patronize. Meanwhile, in her desperate attempt to look good, the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo reads a book to young children in Tondo. The name of the book is “Digong Dilaw.” This is a mockery to the President whose nickname is Digong. He is often the target of her opposition group better known as the “Dilawans” or yellow faction. This stunt follows after she fails to influence the millennials through social media. VP protestant Bongbong Marcos got the approval of these young minds who are keen in verifying facts online.

YouTube video by The Young Observer

[VIDEO]: Presumptive VP Leni namigay ng Aklat na DIGONG DILAW sa mga Bata.

Cursing is Banned in Baguio

The ordinance defines profanity as “blasphemous or obscene language. It may be regular or irreverent speech or action. They can be expletives, oath, swearing, cussing, profane, or obscene expressions. They are usually spoken in a moment of surprise or anger.” It doesn’t matter if a person is mad or trying to be funny. The ordinance still bans anyone from doing it in student-prone areas regardless of the context.

A Notice Must be Posted

Schools can expel students if they violate the ordinance. May it be in all levels, those that provide technical or vocational education and training, the business establishments where students are often seen must provide signs that prohibit these expressions of insults. Perhaps, it helps to be aware of this local law for the adults to become the role model of the young people.

Looking into the Smallest Unit of Society

It is readily obvious nowadays that cursing has become a normal practice. Children seem to imitate these habits seen from the manners of vocal adults in society. The President himself does some swearing even on national TV. Many believe that children can easily imitate this manner thinking that it’s the norm. Some church figures are wishing that the rest of the cities follow suit. In reality, it’s the family members that can have a strong influence on children. The upbringing counts.

Robredo’s Brainwashing

Robredo in a surprise visit to Brgy. 58 Day Care Center in Pritil, Tondo did something hilarious. She distributes school supplies and read the”Digong Dilaw” book to children. It is written by National Artist and NCCA chief Virgilio Almario. It is about a boy who only likes yellow things. Adarna first published it in 2003. What is odd is that the mainstream media did not pick this brainwashing act up. The news highlights the new ordinance in Baguio instead.

Wisdom from the Late Senator Santiago

The wisdom of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who ran with Marcos in the 2016 election lingers. In a YouTube video, she stresses that people should know that something is wrong with them if their urine is very yellow. In a medical and logical aspect, that makes sense. The boy who only likes yellow might be coincidental. But this effort of Robredo shows that she is quite aware that the negativity of the public towards her party can last through generations. That’s probably why she must start her brainwashing spree now.

1 thought on “If Cursing can be Banned in Schools, Should Robredo’s Brainwashing Students be Stopped Also?

  1. Shame on you robredo to bring to this point brainwashing the children’s mind. Is your conscience not bothered by doing so to destroy a child’s malleable minds just for political scoring? You are evil in doing it to those innocent children. I can’t fathom how you can pollute the young generation repeating what the aquino and the oligarchs did 30 odd years ago. It’s mind boggling!

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