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It’s Illegal to Reconnect Disconnected Meralco Meter by Yourself

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Meralco Bill
Meralco Bill (Photo credit: Brian Sahagun)

It was surprising that when the electric utility of our delinquent tenant got disconnected by Meralco, they actually did not suffer a black out – because they simply reconnected it by themselves. I took a photo of the illegally reconnected meter and noticed that there was no tag compared to the other meters. Meralco’s customer service agent explained that the tenant reconnected it on their own – and it’s not the first time it happened. Although it’s prohibited, the owner of the rented apartment must exercise his or her right to secure Meralco’s tools so as not to get penalized. Read this:

What happens if a customer commits an illegal use
of electricity?

By: Meralco

A consumer who is discovered to have committed the offense of illegal use of electricity will, in addition to the imposition of appropriate penal sanction, be required to pay a differential billing to the electric utility, to be computed in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.-

It’s clear that so far, there’s no protection available for landlords and land ladies yet when it comes to the electricity bills and charges left by tenants – so, the best thing to do is to regularly control the electricity charges of tenants or from the beginning, change the name of the bill to the tenant’s name upon signing the lease agreement. If in doubt, you can also request for tampering test from Meralco while the questionable tenant is still renting the place. This is to have a solid proof that the renter is the one responsible for the tampering.

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