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Imee Marcos & Matthew Manotoc: Like Mother, Like Son this Election 2019

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By: Elena Grace Flores

The son of Governor Imee Marcos, Matthew Marcos Manotoc now runs unopposed in the gubernatorial race in Ilocos Norte. His opponent, Rodolfo Fariñas, withdrew his candidacy recently. This happens while Senatorial bet, Gov. Marcos aims to spearhead the crafting of a “One Visayas” development master plan. This is to transform the island group into an economic and techno hub. It can also be an arts, culture and tourism center. The mother and her son are likely sure winners in the coming May 13 election 2019.

YouTube video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Fariñas, umatras sa pagtakbong Ilocos Norte Governor …

Did not Intend to Run

Fariñas, who is currently Ilocos Norte 1st District representative, said he did not want to run for office in the first place. He would want to retire once the 17th Congress adjourns. He plans to retire from politics after 39 years in public service. However, the candidacy of the younger Marcos to replace his grandmother triggers his initial decision.

Peace Agreement Violation?

The congressman, who previously serves as House Majority Leader loses his leadership in Congress during the shakeup in the lower house. He claims that to run against a Marcos is a violation of the peace pact agreed upon allegedly by the Fariñas and Marcos clans. These are two powerful political families in the northern Philippines.

Further Development for Economic Growth

Meanwhile, Gov. Marcos explains; “Now is the best time to take stock of what has been accomplished in the Visayas so far, and to lay out a viable unified development roadmap to put the Visayas on track to where it can best develop its potentials. Cebu and Bohol, especially now with their new international airports, lead the way in charting directions for development. Bacolod and Iloilo are now enjoying higher economic growth from better development planning. The circle of economic growth needs to be widened even more to include the other provinces and benefit many more of our kababayans,” she added.

Milan of Asia/h3>

The lady governor recalls that in the 1970s, Cebu was known as the “Milan of Asia”. Over the years, its furniture, garment and manufacturing industries have declined. These have found new opportunities with the rise in recent years of world-class talents. Kenneth Cobonpoe and Michael Cinco to name a few.

Likely Winners this Election 2019

Like his mother, Manotoc’s victory is already in the bag. Even the speculated digital election fraud cannot stop them because the masses are behind the two. It would be too obvious if they do not emerge victorious.

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  1. Alam kc ni fariñas na ilalampaso at pakakainin lng xa ng alikabok ni mathew kaya kunwari umatras para d mapahiya style mo fariñas #BULOK kasing baho ng hininga mo. Mamahinga kana lng matutuwa pa ang taong bayan sayo ✌✌

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