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Imee Marcos Sees Economic Opportunities Amidst the Pandemic

economic opportunities

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos is the guest at PTV-4’s Laging Handa Public Briefing on May 12

Realign Projects to Suit Current Needs

Senator Imee Marcos urges the government to help workers in the tourism sector. They are severely-hit by the pandemic. The Senator also said that governors should participate in the Balik Probinsya Council. On top of that, she calls people’s attention to properly dispose of PPEs, face masks, and other infectious wastes. This is to prevent community contamination.

Going Out of China

There is now a massive withdrawal of companies from China. They transfer to other countries like China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. If the government offers foreign investors a better deal, the Philippines could also get a piece of the pie. New economic opportunities can result from Chinese exodus for the country, Marcos said.

Sanitation, Subsidy, and Local Businesses

Marcos reminds health practitioners and the general public on the proper disposal of devices. These are for the PPEs, masks, gloves, and test kits during the Coronavirus outbreak. They can be sources of infections as well.

She pushes once again for government subsidies to help the tourism sectors, hospitality industries and other services. They better channel their resources towards the new commercial undertakings. That should be suitable for the current situation. Going local is a way to go but the governors must be proactive in doing so.

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