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Imelda Marcos is the Nation’s Mother who Never Gives Up on her Husband’s Will and Testament for the People

Imelda Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
AP Archive

The Marcoses Never Left

In 1995, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Boongbong Marcos ran for a Senate seat and finished at 16th place. He was just 2.1 percentage points behind the 12th placer, Anna Dominique Coseteng. But also, that same year, Mrs. Imelda Marcos won a congressional seat representing her native Leyte. In the following elections of 1998, Imee Marcos won as representative of Ilocos Norte and BBM also won as governor of the province. Imee replaced Simeon Valdez, a relative of President Fidel Ramos and the Marcoses, and BBM succeeded Rodolfo Fariñas, who had just finished the maximum three consecutive terms allowed by the 1987 Constitution. “The Marcoses never really left” because they kept their local political bases in Ilocos Norte (Marcos side) and Leyte (Romualdez side) intact. The Romualdez-Marcos political base remained formidable because they benefited tremendously from the 20-year rule of the strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

The Opposition’s Fear

Now more than 30 years later, the Marcoses are stationed at the very doorstep of Malacañang. Ferdinand Marcos’ only son and namesake is in the verge to retake the Palace come 2022. Therefore, this scares the opposition.

Implement Ferdinand Marcos’ Last Will and Testament

The hidden wealth narrative of the traitors is simply to block the implementation of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ will and testament. They try to discredit Bongbong Marcos’ presidential bid. They just don’t want the people to know of their inheritance. It’s clear that wealth is not hidden. It is under the Marcos Foundation. Congress must make laws to release them from the hands of trustees. It’s about time that the Filipino must know that they are the beneficiary of that wealth. So, that they can’t be fooled by the Marcos detractors anymore.

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