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Imelda Marcos May Need to Donate the Secret of Youth According to the Late FEM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: FEM: A wife is a peculiar gift from heaven.

Donate the Secret of Youth

The late President Ferdinand Marcos once said that “All other goods by fortune’s hand are given, a wife is a peculiar gift from heaven. It happened before by a foreign guest that the former First Lady was asked about her father’s health. But what they really meant was her husband’s. So, FEM insinuated that she should donate her secret of youth.

Stick to One Model Only

FEM described his wife’s fountain of youth like a car. Husbands should stick to one model only. He knew that as he grows older, his first lady will get younger and younger. That’s the reason why he keeps on running for president.

Sense of Fulfillment

She became young because she’s burning energy. Her many projects for the welfare of the people gives her the fulfillment which is good for the soul. Her active lifestyle also keeps her going physically. Now at 92, she’s still beautiful more than ever. She’s indeed the real kingmaker! That life story is worthwhile to donate.

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