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Importance of Documenting a Process by Ossie Pisanu

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Taken from the InnovaBuzz podcast by Innovabiz, Ossie Pisanu, of Guardian Strata Management talks about a recent technology makeover his company undertook and the huge impact that had on the staff, team morale and the ability of Guardian Strata Management to better serve its customers. This is a fascinating account so check it out here:

Business owners often under-estimate the impact of technology decisions on people in the business otherwise you’d may well be making different decisions. By surrounding with the best, people that are two, three times better than you in certain aspects of learning, the more progressive your business can be.Talking to customers, to really learn and understand their interests and needs, is fundamental to changes and innovation we undertake.
Sound, well documented processes are critical to having the business running smoothly. It’s important to document what is really done, then from there, you can analyze and improve those processes.

Ideas are ONLY ideas until you take action…….take action on your ideas! (Version 1 of implementation is far better than version 0)


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