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Incorporate Climate Change Efforts into the Minds of the Young Ones

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Scary movies stressing out the proximity of climate changes are very disturbing. It is good to know that experts in this field are brainstorming on what the world can do to ease the problem. Devastation is already happening but even if we are doing measures for the next generations in line, it is still worth it. Know this recent climate change effort:

COMDEV week highlighted awareness of Climate Change and Community Empowerment

By: Arellano University

The office for Community Development celebrated its ComDev Week on Dec. 11 Р15, 2013 with the twin objectives; to increase the awareness and knowledge of the student youth  regarding the effects of climate change; and, to motivate them towards taking action in protecting the environment through engaging in the outreach and extension programs of the university.

Perhaps it is also important to point our children to the importance of getting involved with the preservation of natural resources. Often, the young ones are already loaded with school, domestic and social responsibilities. Then when they reached adulthood, they will be so overwhelmed with how to make money. What about community service that includes world preservation in general? Well, we can always start at home by doing the simplest thing of segregating our garbage and so much more as time goes by!

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