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Being Insensitive can Cause the Downfall of a Popular Figure

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Crying in front of the camera while speaking to the world is a dignity for Yeb Sano, the Philippine’s delegate to the Warsaw Convention for climate change. His tearful appeal to stop destroying our natural resources was triggered when his family back in Leyte was heavily affected by typhoon Yolanda. He is a diplomat but a beautiful human being after all because of his sensitivity. Here are reasons why sensitive people can be great:

It’s Good To Be Sensitive! – 25 Wonderful Aspects Of Highly Sensitive People


It is hard being a highly sensitive person in a world that has yet to fully understand highly sensitive peopleand our innate sensibility to our less sensitive brethren. Often ridiculed and teased for displaying behaviors that represent weakness and lack of confidence in the world of non-sensitive people.

In contrary to Yeb Sano’s sensitivity was an insensitive person in power – who’s CNN interview gave viewers the impression how incapable he was in handling the aftermath of a massive disaster. Nevertheless, he is still human after all but for his own good, he needs to admit to the world how wrong he was in not realizing right away the effects of the devastation – thus hindering LARGE SCALE emergency actions by authorities. If he can’t do that, his insensitivity can no doubt cause his downfall despite his popularity.

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