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International Lawyer Warns President Marcos while Traveling to Another Country


By: Elena Grace Flores

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The advice of an International Lawyer

The UN assembly’s invite to America is an important event. However, an International lawyer warns that President Bongbong Marcos must be careful of his security. The threat to discredit him continues. He must ensure that his visit is worth it.

President Joe Biden’s Invite

President Joe Biden’s invite may be safe for President Marcos when there’s a lifting of the contempt order from the responsible US court. But a warrant can still be served and even if he can’t be jailed, the commotion can create a stir in the media. Thus, creating a bad publicity for the country in general.

Personal Opinion of the Lawyer

The international lawyer said that now is not the time for President Marcos to travel. The world crises, climate change, and technological advancement must be the priorities of the Filipino president at the present time. Visiting other countries can wait. Although he already has the immunity for his previous cases in the US, he is still prone to embarrassing propaganda. However, countries like China can be safer for him.

2 thoughts on “International Lawyer Warns President Marcos while Traveling to Another Country

  1. IN MY OPINION AND INTUITIONS TOWARDS OUR PRESIDENT HE MUST BE VERY Careful & aware and cautioned to himself by traveling, may be good for him to focus and prioritize the effects of PANDEMIC in the country.PRAYING NOT TO TRAVEL ESPECIALLY IN THE USA. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT BBM.

  2. I agree that PBBM should stay at home and implement his plans, to go abroad will only delay and sidetract those plans.
    God bless PBBM!

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