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Internet Marketing by James Schramko of SuperFast Business

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
InnovaBuzz podcast’s interview with James Schramko is a good material for internet marketers courtesy of Innovabiz. James is an internet marketing guru who is well known to most of Innovabiz audience. He’s also a podcaster and owner of SuperFast Business. James tells us a little about his move from a salaried employee at Mercedes Benz to a business owner and entrepreneur – and what he’s learned by helping business owners get the best results out of their efforts. We spent a lot of time on the interview, talking about recurring revenue business models, there is a lot of great information here:

Focus your attention on the things that give you the best result. It’s easy to say, much harder to do! It’s important to have strong “partitions” between business and personal. An online community subscription membership can be a good business model if you nurture it. It’s a great way of entrepreneurs connecting with other entrepreneurs online and generating content for your community. For a successful ongoing subscription model, you’ve got to really understand your customer and give them a solution that’s going to help them for the longest time possible, a solution to an ongoing problem. It needs to be sustainable for both the business and the customers. Testing the market is easy these days. You just need a landing page that has an offer on it and ask people to do something that will cause them to vote with an action or an inaction, helping you understand if this is relevant or not. The state of your email inbox is a symptom of your overall business (and life). Get systems in place to clean up your inbox – it should NOT be an action list that other people get to add to!

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