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Internet of Things Defined

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Internet of Things era is now here. It is an event when objects, animals or individuals are given identifiers that automatically transfer data over a channel with no human or computer integration. IoT is the advancement combining wireless innovations, micro-electromechanical or automated systems and Internet capabilities.

When a thing identified with an IP address to be able to communicate with other object or human being for manufacturing purposes is referred to as smart technology. According to Computer History Museum expert Steve Leibson, we’re unlikely to run put of IP addresses. So, data transfer and exchanges can be done without limit. Some privacy concerns are raised concerning the availability of data but invading private lives is not the intention of this technology advancement.

Internet of Things already existed for decades but it was named only in 1999. In fact, in 1980, a coke dispenser linked to the internet was installed in Carnegie Melon University and purchasers will just check on the internet if cold drinks are available. It is perceived that human beings limited time, inability to prolong attention span and being prone to mistakes can slow down production and lose resources to damages -whereas, computers can be programmed to measure, create and deliver things accurately. So, if the status of an object is detected by computers directly from the object, there will be no room for expensive mistakes!

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