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Is Aquino and Roxas’ Dropping Out of Election Top 12 List Related to Imee Marcos?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Questionable Vice President, Leni Robredo is quick to cite that there is an operation that made Mar Roxas and Bam Aquino drop out of the top 12 spots of the Senate during the latest survey for the upcoming May election. It is evident that the President often criticizes the opposition’s Otso Diretso candidates. He said that not one of them has proven record for public service beneficial to the majority of Filipinos. In fact, he directly blasts off Aquino for grabbing credits of his achievements like the free tuition. He also said that like any members of the LP slate, Roxas can only own former President Gloria Arroyo’s call center initiatives. Besides Bong Go, Imee Marcos is always the President’s favorite. Both consistently rise up to the ranks.

YouTube video bymapag mahal

[VIDEO]: Mar Roxas at Bam Binastos na naman sa kampanya

Insulted and Ignored

As the choice of the majority, the President’s endorsement certainly helps. This is obvious during Otso’s campaign activities. For one, many spectators during a motorcade chant Du30’s name while they were passing through. In another, they were easily ignored especially overseas. Such incidents really depict the country’s democracy where the people’s choice can emerge if election manipulation tricks won’t happen.

Necessary Recognition of Imee Marcos

In one interview, Aquino cannot deny Imee Marcos’ force that’s why he has to recognize the possibility of working together despite his indifference with the latter. He said that working with former Senator Bongbong Marcos was possible then. So, there should be no problem for him if he gets the chance of sitting next to another Marcos in sessions. Nevertheless, with his dropping off the top 12 list, this scenario might be too good to be true.

Concerted Efforts Again?

Robredo welcomes the ranking result of several Otso Diretso candidates in the latest Pulse Asia senatorial survey. However, she said that there appears to be efforts to ease rejectionist Bam Aquino and former senator Mar Roxas out of the Magic 12. Is she talking about Du30’s criticisms in favor of Marcos?

Lack of Funds

The latest Pulse Asia survey shows Aquino in 11th-16th place while Roxas ranks 11th-17th. Robredo, however, did not specify whether the said operation concerns pre-election surveys or the elections itself. Robredo also rues the opposition slate’s lack of funds. This prevents them from airing more television and radio advertisements, she added. She also said this during the 2016 election. Nonetheless, she was the highest campaign spender at that time for the VP post.

Marcos Did Not Retaliate

Gov. Marcos has enough decency not to retaliate to the black media propaganda against her. She is the sole topic of criticisms during the opposition candidates’ media interviews, campaign speeches, and of course their print publicities. Marcos ignores, evades or stops a question at point blank that relates to her highly publicized education. However, she never goes below the belt with her answers. President Du30 does that for her.

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