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Is the VP Aware of her Acting Like a Political Prostitute?

political prostitute

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Historiador Filipino

Who is dictating Leni Robredo?

Acting Like a Political Prostitute

Palace spokesperson, Harry Roque said that Leni Robredo might become president right away. This is if she has solutions for the pandemic other than the vaccine. Roque implies that the sitting VP is anxious to be president already. Her numerous criticisms of the president are not likely if she is a real Vice President. She should be helping her superior in this regard. Now, Robredo’s on the verge of becoming nonsense. Who is dictating her? Is she a political prostitute? Read the signs.

The Acts of a Political Prostitute

A political prostitute is a person who is under a lobbyist or interest groups. He or she is no different than a prostitute being paid for sex. In the presumptive VP’s case, she admits that the Liberal Party paid for her candidacy. Even if she wants to be president, she can’t do it on her own. In the first place, she did not have enough political experience to win as VP. She even have to take the bar exam twice. There must be a powerful party behind her victory that can manipulate results in 2016. That’s probably the reason of Bongbong Marcos’s election protest against her.

Manifestations of a Paid Politician

Political prostitutes or paid politicians have to please the sponsors more than the people. So, they can look dumb in public. This is because their stand would depend on the goal of their employers. They might have ready answers for certain issues but make mistakes along the way when they have to elaborate on the matter. As a VP, Robredo is not in the position to put the Philippines in bad light. But she did it anyway in an international level. President Duterte can never do right in her eyes.

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