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Is there Hope for Marcos’ Nuclear Power Plant Today?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by OHJAYCEE

Should Marcos’ nuclear power plant be revived?

Nuclear Power Plant in the Digital Age

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders energy authorities to study the possible use of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Bataan nuclear power plant. The Philippines spent $2.3 billion on a 621MWe Westinghouse pressurized water reactor at Bataan. It was completed in 1984 but was never activated due allegedly to safety reasons during the late President Cory Aquino’s time. Today, Filipinos are struggling to make ends meet. Not just because of the pandemic but also because of the high cost of electricity.

Commisioned Review

The Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review notes complete studies on this. It drafts laws to address nuclear safety. The set up of an independent nuclear regulatory body is under way. It also communicates to the public. Stakeholders are in place. They may introduce nuclear power again soon. The country must move forward from the rivalry of the Aquinos and the Marcoses. To look into IoT technology is essential.

Adapting Technology

Facilitators may be reluctant to upgrade old nuclear plants to digital power. It can become a risk to operations and in turn to individuals. Whether they are ready or not, operators must turn to modern solutions. Looking back to past mistakes may be a waste of time. Filipinos must look forward to a better version of Marcos’ nuclear power plant. So, there’s still hope with the right government officials. This, however, comes handy if another Marcos would continue this project.

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