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It’s all about Choosing the Right Binay for Makati Voters this Midterm Election

By: Elena Grace Flores

Contrary to the opinions of the Binay detractors, the mayoralty rivalry between the two Binay siblings is not the main issue. The difficulty lies into the choice. Who between the two can serve the commercial district better than the other as per each voter’s requirement? They both have strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s never about choosing another candidate other than the two for most Makati citizens this midterm election. The latest video helps.

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Abby at Junjun Binay nagkasagutan sa PPCRV forum.

The Humble and the Proud

Like any other sibling rivalry, both have different perceptions where they are coming from. Despite this, one can be more humble than the other. Pride destroys families. Not just nations. One can be too stubborn not to compromise. The body languages of Mayor Abby Binay and younger brother, Junjun Binay said it all.

The Strengths of Mayor Abby Binay

An an incumbent mayor, Abby Binay-Campos has done enormous progress for Makati. This is in terms of automation, hospitalization, and private-public partnerships for service improvements. She is indeed the symbol of Makati modernization.

The Positive Side of Junjun Binay

Junjun Binay’s reputation may have gone down nationwide due to the black media propaganda by the yellow faction or Dilawan but not in Makati. Old-time residents knew that he adapts to the style of his father. He would go out of his way to help his constituents. When budget is a problem, he would find ways to find the means. Even if this can implicate him to some corruption allegations by people who does not understand the urgency of the unfortunate people’s needs. He remains in the hearts of many constituents.

The Promise in 2022

The mayoralty in Makati has yet to be voted for in May 13, 2019. However, the 2022 elections is also coming up. Another Binay can run the national election. Between the two, Abby Binay has better chances. Junjun Binay is better of as mayor because of the bad publicity against him.

Loud Disagreements at the Church

The PPCRV forum at the church may dismay other church-goers but this can be a blessing in disguise. Witnesses can already choose their bet according to what they hear and see. The Makati chief of police was there to prevent a more serious trouble. Former Vice President Jejomar Binay also tried to pacify both as Junjun kneels in front of Abby. Well, this family scene folks is pure. They may be public servants but they are also genuine people who can only take so much. Let your vote speak for yourself is the better approach.

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  1. Mulat sapol binay na ako yang di pagkasundo normal gusto ko din si aby Mula sa tatay binoto ko di nabago ang prinsipyo ko sa binay Mula PA ng private first class ako binay na binoboto ko now kailangan Kong mamili binoto ko din si aby noon pero Para sa akin Mas OK Kong lalaki maging Mayor, Kaya jujun ang pili ko, Wala naman masama g tinapay sa dalawa, yang di Nila pagkauNwaan e bahala na si sir Jojo Jan, salamat

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