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Japan Concerened on escalating military activity in the East China Sea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s not only Philippines, Vietnam or Indonesia that are complaining about the massive military advancement propagated by China around their neighboring seas – despite the call to stop it due to territorial and navigational disputes.

Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, chief of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, said at a regular press briefing in Tokyo that Chinese military activity was escalating in the East China Sea. In fact emergency jet spikes scramble in the past three months; he observed. He also claimed that it appeared that Chinese activity is escalating not just at sea but also in the air.

Japanese air force jet scrambles rose by more than 80 in the three months ending on Thursday from 114 a year earlier, in which figures for the period will be announced next week. Kawano also confirmed Japan’s concern about how China will react to the expected ruling by an international court on China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea on July 12.


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