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Jejomar Binay is more likely the President in 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Who do you think is the only Philippine Presidential candidate for 2016 that stand the test of time? It’s only the Vice President, right? Do you remember the corruption allegations against Manny Pangilinan in 2010? Sounds like the current rumors against the V.P. – but mind you, until this day – they remain as rumors. Unfounded allegations already cost lump sums of tax money by the Senate’s Blue Ribbon committee and they still ended up with nothing. Binay remains credible and standing tall among them all. Truly, no one can bring a good man down.

The efforts of discrediting Binay on his achievements in Makati also failed terribly. How could they erase the 30 years of dedicated public service from the minds of the bonafide Makati residents. Even non – residents realized that a Filipino is more privileged if one is a Makati resident. So, what does that mean? Simply, more people would want Binay as President to make all Filipinos privileged like in first world countries.

No more worries with public infrastructure/utilities, healthcare, educational facilities, business/livelihood support, peace and order plus many more. Jojo Binay is indeed the key to better Philippines. Time to be proud, fellow Filipinos!

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2 thoughts on “Jejomar Binay is more likely the President in 2016

  1. Binay is the guy for president this 2016 Election. Tested for public service.

  2. it s VP Binay is the best choice of them all…

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