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Jobs Guaranteed to UMAK Nursing Grads with LASIK – Binay Probe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Graduates from University of Makati can benefit with the LASIK technology know-how that the University provided to their students as a special skill to guarantee that they will have jobs upon getting their license. Here’s the extract of the hearing on this matter on July 7, 2015: Does Tangco know Jack Arroyo who is the President of American Eye? Yes. Arroyo was recommended by Tangco’s lawyer and knew only that it’s a sizable company between 50 to 200 employees.
Trillanes: (to Tangco) You are destroying your credibility if you really have one – so why Arroyo became an investor of UMAK? The incorporation document was read. Section 16 reads either parties can assign shares for as long as he’s responsible. So why Arroyo? He has the LASIK technology that is upcoming. (stopped by Trillanes because he will not allow any answer that is not relevant but Tangco insisted that LASIK is relevant to nursing).

Since Trillanes did not let the witness explain, here’s the explaination: UMAK nursing graduates may not be among the top 25 board passers of the country despite the tuition fee – but for sure, they will end up employed in their field of study with reasonable pay locally and abroad. Do you know why? Since nurses are already too many for the demand, being a nurse and certified Laser Technician specializing in LASIK Technology at the same time, will give UMAK graduates the edge over their competitors according to the Online Career Guide.

In the U.S. alone, nurses who are also Opthalmic Laser Technicians earn $36,280 per annum and well sought-after according to It is not clear why Senator Trillanes was too bias in his questioning as if he manipulated the witness to say what he wanted to hear. If the witness does otherwise, he will just simply block them and will not allow to contine. UMAK actually is just trying to address the missing link in our educational system – so that they can produce employable graduates with special skills – and it costs money to do just that that’s why the tuition can’t be free or higher than other public schools because tools and use of these equipment are included. Why is this kind of Due Process permitted in the Philippines? If this will continue then, no fair judgement can be expected for Binay.

Here are the links to full transcription and video:
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