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Jojo Binay is not a Fish, Pimentel – He teaches People how to Fish

Jojo Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Now that Senator Koko Pimentel is already the confirmed Senate President, he has to stand by his promise to jail former Vice President Jejomar Binay for the alleged corruption committed when he was still mayor of Makati. In fact, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales echoed that by filing cases against him without probable cause and no concrete evidence – just hearsays. Koko was noted saying that Binay would probably be the first big fish who is going to prison for that matter and headlines flashed around tri-media including social media.

Well, this is what most Makati residents are saying in response to that. “Binay is not a big fish, Koko – he teaches people how to fish and you should learn that also as a public servant. His public services in Makati are second to none. Up to this date, you are considered privileged if you get a Makati resident and medical cards – that existed even before the plan of creating a national ID card for Filipinos. Do you know why? It is easy to print cards but even that most of past governments cannot do. The difficult part is coming up with concrete benefits to offer to Filipino Citizen card holders.

Senator Koko Pimentel, now that you have the power to create legislation that would benefit Filipinos, can you at least try to come up with various privileges that a Filipino can have under the Duterte administration? Will a Filipino ID card holder be prioritized in the country’s top paying jobs? Will they get livelihood loans to start businesses? Can their children go to quality schools for free? Most of all, can they get hospitalized without worrying about the cost? Wait until you can accomplish these before even thinking of jailing Binay who had done all of these for the citizens of Makati. For now, learn from him.

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1 thought on “Jojo Binay is not a Fish, Pimentel – He teaches People how to Fish

  1. Former VP Jojo Binay is one of the most transparent, active, trustworthy and dynamic leaders I ever had the privilege to meet. I wish him the best after his 2016 presidential run. Needless to say, I doubt the validity of charges against him. I am sure all those charges will not stand in any court of law.

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