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JoJo Fletcher Made other Bachelorette Proud


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Jojo Fletcher is now becoming a symbol of desirable bachelorette whom women would love to have her in their circle of friends – and most guys would be so proud to date. The game that this blogger describes revolves around Jojo’s criteria of choosing the right guy for her. She is more keen on efforts than characteristics. She is also not afraid to break rules just to give chances to contestants who deserve a second try. She has this confidence of a model bachelorette who takes her time in the selection process and never desperate of having that special someone. She inspires single women not to compromise their principles because those made them who they are – and following the guidelines based on what’s important to them could eventually lead them into choosing Mr. Right or single hood for that matter.

Eonline Blogger wrote: If I would have heard Chris Harrison say those words to me in 2003 when Trista Sutter started her search for love or one year ago when Kaitlyn Bristowe went on her quest to find a husband, my reaction would have been the same: Change the freakin’ channel now.

Sure, I knew the drama surrounding the franchise’s biggest moments—who can forget Jason Mesnick breaking Melissa Rycroft’s heart for runner-up Molly Malaney or Courtney Robertson going skinny dipping with Ben Flajnik—but I just couldn’t agree to spend at least two hours a week on the reality show.

But as more and more friends of all ages began every Tuesday morning talking about that tearful exit or that ridiculous first impression, I decided it was time to open my mind (and heart) to the franchise. Guys, I was open to becoming a member of Bachelor Nation.

To my surprise, I quickly found out that JoJo Fletcher was the perfect woman to help me embrace ABC’s long running and oh-so-addictive franchise.

The Blog continued: From the very first episode this season, JoJo embraced all 26 contestants with open arms and little to no judgment. Nick B and your Santa Clause costume? Come on into the house. Luke riding in on a unicorn? Sure, he could become JoJo’s husband.

When it came to competitions, JoJo didn’t always pick the jock. Instead, she looked at the challenge as a whole. As the small but mighty Wells tried to complete the fire safety test without fainting, it was JoJo that decided to give him a rose for his perseverance instead of focusing on the dude with 12-pack abs.

As the season’s villain Chad and U.S. Marine Alex bickered more than two Real Housewives on a cast trip, it was JoJo who had the genius idea to bring them together for a two-on-one date where she got down to the problem once and for all.

And while producers would have likely loved to keep Chad around for just a couple more weeks, JoJo delivered a big fat “bye Felicia,” but in her classy way, of course.

Thoughtful moves aside, JoJo also wasn’t afraid to break the rules. In week six of her search for love, she asked Chris if she could grab an extra rose and allow Alex and James T to stay one more week.

And before you think I’m the only one who has positive things to say about the 25-year-old, you are so wrong. During hometown dates, Chase’s mom immediately called her “darling and smart,” while Robby’s mom approved of her “love for people and family.”

Even her former competitors from The Bachelor have nothing but nice things to say. When Becca Tilley, who competed alongside the brunette beauty for Ben Higgins’ heart just one year ago, found out her friend was picked as the Bachelorette, she wasn’t the least bit surprised.

“I think the best part about JoJo is that she appeals to everyone,” Becca explained to E! News. “She’s the girl that every guy wants to date and the girl everyone wants to be best friends with. On top of that, she is sweet and kind and extremely genuine. It translates on TV.”

The lifestyle blogger added, “I just want her to be happy…When people ask who I am rooting for, I always say I am rooting for JoJo.” While I was the first to roll my eyes when people talked about the franchise, I’m now with Becca and watching eagerly to see JoJo’s happily ever after. I’ve also had the Bachelor in Paradise premiere date on my calendar for months and I already have my favorites (Go Amanda and Jubilee). Plus, I’m following past contestants like Kaitlyn and Ben on social media and I’m crossing my fingers that they televise their respective weddings sooner rather than later.

There will always be skeptics, haters and those who think it’s exactly like Lifetime’s Unreal—yes, that show is good too. But perhaps Becca said it best when discussing the power of the show.

“As a friend and someone who has done the show, I watch from a different angle,” she explained. “I know that even with the silliness and drama of the show, the feelings and emotions are real.”

Jordan and Robby: Do not let JoJo, Becca, myself or millions of fans down. After all, I’m still a relatively new member of Bachelor Nation and I’m not sure I’m ready for the most dramatic finale ever!


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