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Jojo is Happy: Presidential Defeat not Binay’s Loss but the People’s

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Supporters of outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay were close to tears when they visited him recently at the Office of the Vice President in Coconut Palace – but the good aura and energy of this admirable man were contagious – thus setting the mood of the group into “fun”. It was indeed a fun tour of the palace as seen in the featured image.

V.P. Binay fought fair and square during the May 9, 2016 national election but when the people decided, he urged everyone to support presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte who has been his friend for years and an ally to unseat the Liberal Party in the top position.

Yes, the presidential defeat for Binay might mean happy and quality time with the family – but it’s his constituents’ sorrow now that his national projects are under the brim with the new administration. Here’s hoping that President Duterte will continue the good deeds of past people in power – and fix only the things that need fixing. May quality and affordable education, healthcare and housing be few of the top priorities of Duterte same as Binay.

2 thoughts on “Jojo is Happy: Presidential Defeat not Binay’s Loss but the People’s

  1. You can not put a good man down. Vp Binay was the most qualified among them. But I believe its not the end for this man but a start of a great challenge for an achiever of proven beginnings .

  2. Indeed it’s a great loss to the people I do hope after 1 year the people who rejected him can smile the same, for the meantime lets just support the government in our own little way.LFS

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