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Just say “pass” if not ready: Free Covid-19 Vaccination from Loans Starts in February


By: Elena Grace Flores

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines may arrive earlier than Sinovac: Galvez

Loans for the Covid-19 Vaccines

The government puts World Bank loans to good use for the Filipinos. The first tranch of the Covid-19 vaccine from China arrives in February. The 50,000 Sinovac vaccines out of the 25 million are for the frontliners and health workers. Some medical workers in the group may be skeptical of this vaccine. However, it’s better not to say “no.” Just say “pass” – then one’s name will still in the list at the end. They may be lucky to get their vaccine of choice. So, a person’s right to have it as a taxpayer is respected regardless of what’s available.

February or June for Pfizer

Pfizer might also come first before Sinovac in February because of the COVAC facility’s early rollout. This is an arrangement to prioritize poorer countries since loans can take time. So, there’s a chance that the first batch can get either Sinovac or Pfizer. The vaccines from China are actually more expensive than Pfizer.

July for Moderna, AstraZeneca

Moderna and AstraZeneca’s deliveries can also arrive from July onwards. They will be in tranches of 2 to 3 million a month also. The number of vaccines must commensurate to the capacity of the facility to store them. 20 million Filipinos in the NCR can benefit from free vaccine loans.

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