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Justification to the President: Rape and Plunder can be Added via Amendments in the Death Penalty

Death penalty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In response to the President’s inquiry to lawmakers why rape is removed from the list of crimes punishable by death in the House version of the controversial bill, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez explains that the list is narrowed down to just drug-related crimes — in order to speed up the process. There can be fewer objections and shorter debates if only is concentrated onto to drug crimes.

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[VIDEO]: A total of 217 lawmakers voted in favor of the death penalty bill, while 54 voted against it and 1 abstained. A total of 257 out of 293 congressmen were present in the voting.

Death Penalty Bill Passes 3rd Reading in Congress

The House of Representatives approves the third and final reading the contentious death penalty measure labeled as House Bill Number 4727. An overwhelming number of congressmen vote in its favor which is 216 affirmative, 54 negative, and one abstention.

Voice of the People

Reynaldo Umali, House Justice Panel Chairperson is hopeful now that the House of Representatives has spoken, the voice of the people are heard. The support of their pro-administration colleagues is overwhelming. He can attest to the difficulty of the process they went through that are clearly dilatory.

What About the People’s Demand on Rape?

Justice committee chair Rey Umali gives similar reasons for taking rape out of the bill.  Other crimes can be included later on via amendments. Alvarez also said that another bill for rape and plunder can be filed immediately after this first one becomes law. It is just important to immediately reimpose the death penalty first specifically to aid the war on drugs.

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Understandable Explanation

There is indeed a need to rush the reimposition of the death penalty because of the anti- administration’s campaigns to destabilize the government. They, of course, keep on denying this but patterns of strategies the same that of Ninoy Aquino against the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos is evident.

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