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Kadamay is a Challenge that Robredo Abandons Contrary to her Advocacy for the Poor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is shocking to note that Kadamay members have this mentality that they have rights to free mass housings because they are poor. Right after Vice President Leni Robredo abandons them after her cabinet resignation as Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chair or HUDCC czar, Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco is appointed by the president to replace her. This is on top of Sec. Evasco’s current job responsibilities, so not much can be expected from him.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Not occupied NHA housings are taken over by Kadamay members but they are forcibly evicted because those houses already have owners who regularly pay the monthly amortizations. Government dialogues are underway.

Advocate for the Welfare of the Poor

If it’s really true that Vice President Leni Robredo has a heart for the poor why abandon Kadamay? As  Vice President, her office can do something for their welfare. It is evident that the members of Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap or KADAMAY have the poverty mentality that made them poor in the first place. They have this false sense of entitlement that the government must provide for them because they can’t take care of themselves. They also accused Robredo that she continued the “pro-business trends” of the previous administration. Perhaps the reason why they are abandoned by the VP. No sense of loyalty.

Blaming the Government

The group criticizes the NHA and the president for their regard of homelessness as a crime. Their illegal stay in government units is anarchy for PDu30. They blame the government for lack of jobs and low wages. Gloria Arellano, chairperson of Kadamay said that they have no choice. Better occupy the idle houses than deteriorate without any concern to their rightful owners.

No Discipline

Arellano further justifies that they cannot avail of the government’s housing program because of the tedious process. Their income is just for food for the family. NHA officials urged them to follow procedures that they cannot follow. In this case, perhaps the Vice President who prides herself for nurturing those who are in the hemline of society must rehabilitate Kadamay first perhaps in a shared community. Then skills training can follow. Only when they are successful in getting a regular income that they can apply for low-cost housing from NHA. Will Robredo take up this challenge?


Progress Starts in One’s Self

Robredo, likewise, failed in pushing for socialized housing by looking towards corporations for help. “The Housing budget for her office was slashed yet looking towards corporations for help was never the solution but merely widening the cracks of an existing problem. Socialized housing is not socialized but commercialized. This is something Robredo did not seek to remedy,” KADAMAY said. Now that Robredo has resigned, KADAMAY hopes that whoever will replace her will be “more attuned to the needs of the urban poor.”

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