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How to Keep a Peaceful Neighborhood

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Conflict in the neighborhood can actually be prevented if all homeowners are sensitive to the rights of their neighbors. A peaceful neighborhood is workable if all occupants respect each other. Respect begets respect and unless you do otherwise, you can never make friends. So, let’s enumerate the triggers of warring neighbors:

Unwanted Noise
Excessive dog barking can drive your neighbors crazy. If you are immune with your dogs’ noise, your neighbors are not. If you are not willing to part with your dogs, make sure that they are trained properly and they have all the attention they need to make them safe from dog anxiety. Doing some repairs, installations and construction must have the necessary permit – to be guided on the locality’s rules and regulations for preventing the community from being disturbed.

Overflowing Vegetation
Plants are good if you have them in your garden but make sure that as they grow healthier, taller or abundantly- they will not reach the property of your neighbor. It is crucial that you watch the falling leaves from your trees in landing into your neighbor’s lawn. Trimming them down regularly is a good idea in preventing them from encroaching the territory of others.

Installing Illegal Fences
You might wonder why can fence installation around your property become illegal? Remember that there are zoning restrictions due to prior installations of utility facilities like water piping and electrical wiring. Other reasons can be blocking the drainage system or even the sunlight or air going into your neighbor’s house. Doing it yourself can be fun but seek the expert’s advise on the installation plan and check your community’s zoning laws.

Unguarded Facilities
Children can get away from their nannies easily and might be attracted with your open swimming pool or vehicle. There are various incidents of accidental drowning in swimming pools and suffocation inside the car already in some communities. Don’t let this happen in yours.

Being a responsible homeowner include not only cleaning your area, maintaining your household and locking your house to prevent burglars. Considering the needs of the community as a whole and participating in general activities matter a lot. You can’t have a peaceful community by living in isolation. Lend a hand and you’ll see many hands offering you with what you need in return – peace, love and happiness!

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