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Keeping your Body Trim without Deprivation


By: Gynn Flores


SlimmingGood nutrition is the key to staying healthy. Maintaining good health entails a balanced diet, good hygiene and exercise. It also requires clean living – which means staying away from alcohol and drugs. People who are living a healthy lifestyle can function well and enjoy life even during senior years.

Taking snacks in between meals in moderation can help in preventing you from eating in bulk. Remember that healthy eating does not mean that you have to give up foods you like best.  Just learn to balance the food items from the different food groups. The following are the 3 basic rules for a healthy diet that can be enjoyed:

  1. Variety means you include in your meals food items from different food groups. As a rule, there is no single food item that can supply all the needed nutrients that your body needs. Choose food items with different colors. The more colors or varieties, the more nutrients your body can have.
  2. Balance means that you must eat the right amount of food from the different levels in the food pyramid every day.  This way, you will get all the nutrients and calories your body needs for maintenance and development.

  3. Moderation means that you are cautious on not eating too much of anything belonging only to one single food group. The right amount of servings in each food group would depend on your age, gender, and body size and activity level as well.

In our youth, we have all the energy to indulge in sports and fitness activities. This should continue during adulthood. Allot some time for this as a way of socializing with your friends, workmates or loved ones. A game of tennis, badminton or bowling would be few of your choices. Schedule it on a regular basis – around three times a week. If you prefer the gym, then hit it off. Sweating it out and burning calories increase metabolism. Toxins will be washed away also through the pores during the process.

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