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Key Logistic Points in Relief Operations


By: Elena Grace Flores

Logistics (Photo credits:

A lot of egos were hurt when CNN reported that relief efforts after Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the areas of Leyte were not enough – causing the desperation of the victims. Yes, many helped but there were no proper logistics in place thus hindering efficient operation. Here are the key logistic points in handling relief operations after a calamity:

How to Manage the Supply Chain Following a Natural Disaster


Planning for supply chain exceptions is increasingly an expectation for risk-sensitive shippers. The last decade has unleashed a flood of global weather disasters, from Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina to the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Each has impacted business operations in different ways.

The world knew that many Filipinos acted immediately to help the victims, so as concerned people from other countries – but what CNN is pointing out is the lack of logistics which the national government should impose. The report was not meant to criticize the government but a plea to the authorities to act out their plans without delay – if they have some in place!

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