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Not the Kind of Remarks Expected from a President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This blog at this time will not anymore voice out our opinion on the Manny Pacquiao’s Tax Evasion situation. We’ll leave this to our followers because this will show the kind of leadership the Philippines have – just by the way the Philippine President answered sensitive questions. I know from the start that he will not do great things for the Philippines because of his track record or the lack of achievements as a senator – although still hoping that his popularity will unite us but it is not likely if you watch this:

[NewsLife] Champions: President Aquino to Pacquiao: Just face the tax case || Nov. 28, 2013

Posted at YouTube by: PTV PH

Isn’t it possible to just go silent for a while while checking details on the tax treaty between the US and the Philippine government – rather than say something that you know nothing about? I doubt if President Aquino just do not have good advisers/consultants or he just can’t absorb that much information. On the media aspect, is he not the one using Media Prosecution all the way? Remember the Corona trial? Please let me know what you think.

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