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Kiram no Senate seat but Marcos’ Sabah Claim Stand Secured with Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senatorial candidate Princess Jacel Kiram in the past election did not make it to the Senate but her pushing for the Philippines’ claim over Sabah will definitely not go into vain. She was quoted saying by GMA that the $72 billion yearly income from the gasoline industry were enjoyed by the Malaysians instead of by its rightful owners, the Filipinos.

Better yet, Senator Bongbong Marcos, chairman of the Senate committee on local government that scrutinized the proposed BBL during the previous Aquino administration, will already get the statement from Malaca├▒ang and the Department of Foreign Affairs that the government will not give up the country’s Sabah claim in exchange for Malaysia’s help in the peace process – now that President Rodrigo Duterte is installed into power who is a Marcos loyalist.

See details here of their previous statements:

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